Quiz time

During lockdown online quizzes became BIG, but none bigger than the CREATE Paisley quiz held every month at the online CREATE Cafe. These quizzes, produced by Sophie and Gregor, take place once a month as part of our online CREATE Cafe’s and have covered everything from History, Music, Sports and their Halloween quiz. All the quizzes include dress up to meet the theme and are hosted by Gregor and Sophie themselves. We asked them why CREATE was so important to them and why they wanted to organise the quizzes.

Why do you come to CREATE?

I come to create for many reasons. One of the main reasons I come to Create is to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. It also allows me to talk about the good and the bad of that week and let my problems be helped by people with all different opinions. Coming to Create I’m welcomed with open arms everytime and if I have an opinion I know it won’t be judged. Also, it kind of ends the week on a high note as I get to carry on and enjoy a couple of hours just playing games or learning new skills.

How has CREATE helped you during lockdown?

Create has helped me in numerous ways during lockdown and to be honest the only way I was keeping track of time. It also allowed me to learn new things (such as how to make a paper crane) and deal with the weird idea of being stuck inside because of lockdown. It also encourages me not to sit around and do nothing and actually get out and do stuff with my life as it was easy to fall into a hole during this hard time.

Tell us about the quizzes:

We LOVE leading the quizzes. To see all of our hard work paying off to create an exciting game. Also I love the peoples faces when they see they’ve got the answer right and me and Gregor getting into character. It also helps us be more confident in front of a crowd as we know if it goes wrong we won’t be judged.

Sophie and Gregor’s Quizzes have continued in 2021, so keep an eye out for updates on our Social Media Pages, with some fantastic new themes and prizes and we cannot thank them enough for all their hard work throughout the past year and the entertainment they have brought everyone at CREATE!