Vision + Values


    Our vision is to see ‘young people transformed through creativity, community, confidence and finding their voice’


    The values of Create Paisley are derived from a Christian ethos.  They are at the core of who we are and what we do. They influence our actions and inform our decisions.  As a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, we live out the following values together:

    • creativity. People create things all the time. A creation can be as simple as a sentence or as complex as a skyscraper. We don’t just encourage people who feel creative but aim to tease out the creativity that is inside everyone. We want creativity to be more than a hobby, to be a core part of who we are.
    • community. We all have worth and are made for meaningful relationships. At CREATE, we don’t want a group of isolated individuals but a community of diverse people who actively build bridges, work together and support, respect and inspire each other. We invest our energy, time, hope in each other, the people of Paisley and beyond.
    • confidence. We’re made to have a purpose for our lives, to succeed, to feel confident in who we’re made to be, to live whole lives and have a hope for the future. We want to see young people and a wider community of confident people, living full lives and bringing hope to others.
    • voice. Everyone has a voice. We all have something different to say and a different way to say it but every voice is important. We want everyone to find their voice, to be listened to and know that they can positively change things.
  • Social Objectives

    Our social objectives are the things we aim to achieve and are based on our values and vision.


    Create Paisley began in response to local young people looking for a safe, inspiring space. At the time, there were so many capable, creative young people. Create formed as a partnership between local churches, youth leaders and YWAM and set up a monthly open-mic night.

    In May 2009, 40 young people showed up to our first event and every month more and more young people began to attend. As well as our open-mic night, Create began to offer creative workshops and gave spaces for young people to have their say and shape where Create would go.

    In 2011, we changed our focus from running one big event every few weeks to supporting young people throughout the month. We wanted to be present in the lives of young people and meet them where they were at. So we moved to offering regular arts workshops, youth mentoring, a youth forum and a fortnightly open-mic drop in.

    Create became a charity (SCIO) in October 2012 with the goal of increasing our support for young people and being able to offer more opportunities that fit our vision for a better Paisley.